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Sunday, February 13, 2011

POST 7: Hammurabi for Northern.

1. If a student sasses a teacher, his toes and fingers must be slapped twice with a ruler.
2. If a student is late to class, he is shot at with a rubber band multiple times.
3. If some one bad talks Western Civ, Mr. Campbell gets to lock them in a closet for a week with only a banana and a half a bottle of water.
4. If a student violates the dress code, he must come to school the next week wearing clothes that cover every part of the body except the eyes.
5. If a student brings a weapon to school, he is sentenced to life with Eric DeGood.
6. If a student beats up another student, he receives the same treatment from the harmed student.
7. If a student physically abuses a teacher, he is duct taped to a chair and the entire class spits spitballs at him.
8. If a student uses his phone in class, the teacher gets to light it on fire.
9. If a teacher shows up late to work without good excuse, he is fired.
10. If a student allows an outside visitor to come into the school, he is exiled to the DeGood household.
11. If the board of education members buy themselves another iPad, they are all fired and their iPads are crushed.
12. If a student uses Facebook in school, he is to be banned of the Internet and must wear all of Eric DeGood's hand-me-downs.

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