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Sunday, February 13, 2011

POST 5: Fertile Crescent was the way to go.

Dear Travel Agent Jen,
Although the Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan region looks quite tempting, the Fertile Crescent we chose to make settlement at was the best choice.  Let me tell you why it rocks; not only is is conveniently situated in between two of the most major rivers (Tigris and Euphrates), but it also is the reason our soils were so fertile.  Our farming become so awesome, that we were able to generate and afford new occupation because everybody did not need to become a farmer.  The development between farming and water evolved even greater (irrigation, sewage, etc.).  It helped to form the structure of our city.  The soil was rich in dirt and tiny rocks.  We also learned to control the waters with canals.  With our new occupations possible, larger projects were able to be taken on.  Rules and divison of labor in society played a huge role for us Sumerians.  Our settlements grew and we loved life!
A Summerian.

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