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Sunday, February 13, 2011


To Whichever Sumerian This May Concern:
An excellent place to have settled would be in present day Turkmenistan/Uzbekistan.  Not only is it in the Middle East, but in between the Amu Dar'ya River and the Zeravshan River, there would have been a lot of nice, fertile land.  As seen in my picture, there is plenty of water and land.  It is even near the Caspian Sea, making trading, inventions, jobs, migration, etc., very possible in this area.  The Black Sea, Persian Gulf, and Arabian Sea are also only a country away.  The opportunities are endless between these two rivers, and you would be surrounded by the river on all practically all sides, to help protect you from uncivilized groups of people.  Present day Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan's locations also have very tolerable climates!
Travel Agent Jen.

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