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Sunday, February 13, 2011

POST 6: Hammurabi's Code Should Still Live On.


Law # 149- If a woman doesn't wish to remain in her husband's house, then he shall compensate her for the dowry that she brought with her from her father's house, and she may go.
This Law should still apply today, because often in divorces, people do not get equal amounts of things in an established home.  If a man is the primary caregiver, perhaps the wife doesn't even work, then he is naturally more entitled to the possessions in court, but in relaity marriage is an equal promise, so things should be more equally split.

Law # 23- If a robber is not caught, then the person rovved should be compensated as best as possible by the community.
This Law should exist today, because it just shows general brotherhood and kindness of humanity, which is what society lacks today.  Just being good neighbors, to the best of one's ability should be a given.  This could form a bond in communities.

Law # 43- If a man doesn't till his field, and lets it fallow, he shall give grain like his neighbor's to the owner of the field, and the field which he let lie fallow, he must plow and sow and return to its owner.
This Law should be enacted today, becuase too many people do not keep their word, even in the work field.  If somebody hires some one to do a job, and he doesn't complete it, he should suffer the consuquences.  The man who failed to do his job deserves to repay the owner at all expenses, but the owner is really missing out in the long run.

Law # 51- If a man has no money to repay, then he shall pay in corn or sesame in place of the money as rent for what he received from the merchant, according to the royal tariff.
This Law should exist today, perhaps paying back in other, more modern objects than corn or sesame though.  If some one cannot not pay in money, he should pay things back that would equal in value while he comes up with a way to get cold, hard cash.  Too many people get off easily with late payments, debt, eviction, etc.

Law # 55- If anyone opens his ditches to water his crop, but is careless, and the water floods the field of his neighbor, then he shall pay his neighbor corn for his loss.
This law should be enacted today, becuase if some one damages or prevents some one from accomplishing or getting something because of stupidity, he should repay that person.  The person whose property, possessions, etc., was destroyed, should not suffer in the long run too.  Everybody has to make a living.

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