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Friday, February 4, 2011

POST 1: Me llamo Jen.

I'm interested in ending world hunger.  I'm also interested in Philly sports, South America, silver jewelry, scary movies, lacrosse, kittens, field hockey, becoming a lawyer, Chinese food, my Beta Fish named Jaws, trying to speak Spanish, eating vamps, putting on fake tats, and meeting the President.

Enforcing world peace.  I also enjoy playing varsity lacrosse/field hockey, frequent trips to Wawa, going to the gym, watching sports, Student Council with Commander K, National Honor Society/Art Honor Society, jumping on my trampoline, picking strawberries, skiing, petting my cat Boo-Boo, and snow mobiling.

I really like history, writing, and sports, so I want to become a Sports Attorney.  I also want to study abroad in Central/South America.  I travel a lot and have been to over half the U.S. and two other countries..but I'm a really picky eater though, so I'll probably starve in South America.  I'm hoping it'll broaden my horizon.

I don't have a regular History class for senior year, and I heard it was a cool class.  I really like learning about how the world today became this way and if people were better off without all of these new distractions. 

We live in a society that revolves around new, high technology.  I want to learn about the "technology" that existed years ago and how it was utilized.  I want to know how their day to day lives differed from ours today, such as what they did for fun, since they didn't have things like the Wii or television shows like Jerry Springer.

1. An A+.
2. A better understanding of the Egyptians and mumification.
3. Why Rome fell and why they say "all roads lead to Rome."

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