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Monday, March 28, 2011


1. Democracy.
2. Olympics.
3. Anatomy.
4. Military.
5. Architecture.

Politics were a large part of Ancient Greece and the modern democracy here in the USA has a lot of the same foundations.  Our legal system is based off of European influences since that is where our first settlers derived from.  The famous Olympics originated in Athens, Greece.  To this day, countries all over the world still competitively compete in the Olympics, every 2 years (summer, winter, summer winter).  Sports and fitness are still a heavy influence on today's society.  Military tactics from back in Ancient Greece, like Alexander the Great, are still used today in war, battle, and strategy.  The beautiful architecture seen in Greece that was developed hundreds of years ago is still copied and appreciated by today's society.  We often develop new ideas based on Greek architectural foundations.  Anatomy was also a large part of Ancient Greek society, as it is today.  Science was very important back then and the body was a peculiar thing to them; to this day, we still are constantly discovering new things about the human body.

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