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Thursday, March 3, 2011

POST 11: Sporty Egyptians?

QUESTION: What types of sports/physical entertainment did the Egyptians participate in, both leisurely and professionally?

From this question I hope to find out who could/did participate in sports.  I want to know what type of games young children played, if they were even allowed.  I want to know if there were organized sports with spectators.  I want to know if there was even much time for fun.  I want to know if they have structured, written rules for sports/games.  I want to know who invented the sports, and if they still exist today.  I want to know if it was desirable to be considered athletic.  I'm moving away from things such as theatrical or muscial entertainment though, I'm more interested in the physical aspect of things.

I think it would be neat to present my research through playing one of the actual games or sports that I learn about.  I would even let Mr. Campbell play.  I would also include an awesome PowerPoint that would highlight the information I found.  I would also post some nice, interesting blogs with plenty of visuals.

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  1. why not add a comment how you are moving in a direction - away from huting etc...