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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Fun Facts For Greeks!
1. Minoan was the first Greek Civilization (1900).
2. They painted on wet plaster in palaces, they were called frescoes.
3. The Mycenaeans conquered the Minoans.
4. Linear B was the Minoan system of writing.
5. Agoras were public meeting spaces/markets, and every city-state had one.
6. Athens was known for its laws/government.
7. Ephors made sure kings stayed within the laws.
8. Military training was key in a young boy's development.
9. In 621 BC Draco created the first set of written laws.
10. Thucydides was considered the first historian.
11. Cleisthenes created the Council of Five Hundred.
12. Leveling meant carving small flat plots out of hillsides.
13. Athenian women were citizens but could not vote or inherit land/property :(
14. The main purpose of marriage was to have children.
15. Sappho was a Greek poet who wrote about the lives of women at the time.
16. Sophos means "wise" in Greek.
17. Themistocles defeated the Persian fleet.
18. Pericles was a great Greek statesman.
19. The Persian Wars weakened Greece.
20. Xerxes defeated the Spartans(Battle of Thermopylae).
21. The Peoloponnesian War was between the Spartans and the Athenians.
22. Darius (Persian leader) wanted to punish Athens for aiding rebels.
23. The Delian-League was an alliance of Greek city-states.
24. Thucydides was the Historian who commented on the tyranny of Athens.
25. Delos was the home of the Greek alliance's treasurey before it was moved to Athens.

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