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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Spartan life was somewhat simple.  There were about 18,000 Spartans.  It was an Oligarchy, ruled by 5 Ephors and 2 Kings.  They focused on obedience and war.  They often used slaves in war; they focused on the times that they lived in, rather than worry about much of the future.  Young boys were trained to be warriors.  Young girls were trained to be mothers of the warriors.  Their economy was based around agriculture.  Women were not allowed to wear jewelry or make-up; however, they were forced to usually exercise and be healthy becuase they produced the offsprings.  Athenian life was a bit more creative.  There were about 4 million Athenians.  It was a democracy.  Trade and agriculture were the basis of their economy.  A boy could get a good education and pursue anything involving the arts or sciences; there was much to choose from.  They were much more forward looking.  Serving in the army or navy was an option, but not mandatory.  Girls were restricted to household things, not able to participate in war, business, or education.  Elaborate jewelry and clothing was very widely accepted; the women also did exercise if they wanted to, to stay fit.  Personally, I would have wanted to live an Athenian lifestyle.  I especially liked that it was a democracy, or ruled by the people.  Not only did it allow for some individuality and creativeness, but it seemed much more laid back.  I like that war wasn't the focus of their living.  Arts and science seem very important to me, so I'm glad that is what the Athenians often focused on/encouraged.  Athenians seemed to be innovators and focused on things of the future, which I also like.
Spartans vs. Athenians

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