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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Famous Romans.
Julius Caesar.

I believe it it crucial to learn about Ancient Roman art.  Art can tell stories, feelings, moods, mindsets, ideas, inspiration, and more about a time period.  The type of tools and methods of art are also crucial to our understanding about resources available during that time.  To feel how the Romans felt, we must be able to see in our minds and think in our minds the same things that the Romans did.  Because there weren't things such as cameras back then, to capture the true essence of the time, we must rely on art.  Also, art leads us into our next important topic- important people.  In order to understand what these famous people looked like and accomplished, we need art.  Piggybacking off of the necessity for art, the last two links cover famous Romans, especially Julius Caesar.  Without famous people, Rome would be nowhere.  Without great leaders and in contrast, horrid leaders, Rome wouldn't be the same today.  The people that left footprints in Roman history deserved to be acredited for those actions and to have thier stories told.  The impact they had on Rome was very important.  All three of my links I found to be very useful and think the class would benefit from.

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